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We have been showing and breeding the Havanese for over a decade.  Our goal is to produce beautiful, healthy and SWEET Havanese that closely fit the breed description.
We love the plush, spun silk coats that will look great even a couple of weeks after being groomed.   We like our Havanese small and sturdy.  This makes them ideal for a number of lifestyles:  Homes with children, homes where they desire to participate in agility but small enough to be a therapy dog if desired.  Some Havanese that are currently being bred and shown are leggy and have small heads.  To us, they look more like terriers.  We prefer a substantial dog, that is neither leggy nor low on leg.  Slightly longer than tall is preferred.

  We have literally spent YEARS researching pedigrees, and we are convinced that we have some of the best in the world.

Additionally, we are very pro-active regarding the feeding of this breed, and serious regarding dog food in general.  Again, after careful research, we use a formula that covers all of the health needs of this breed.  We use a slightly different formula for our bred girls and nursing moms.

Here's a list of just SOME of the foods we use in specific amounts:

Acana, Orijen, Wellness Core, Earthborn Holistic, Biljac, Taste of The Wild & Nature's Variety & Stella & Chewy's



We breed only healthy dogs; ones we feel have something valuable to contribute to the next generation of Havanese.  Each subsequent generation should be an improvement on the last generation in at least one way and hopefully several ways.   If we decide to keep a puppy from a given litter, we have to believe it will be good enough to compete and win in the comformation ring.  That doesn't mean we show every dog, but we show and finish the majority of our dogs.  Some simply do not like the show ring, but are fabulous dogs nonetheless.

We work with several Vets.  For breeding and whelping, we work with a Reproductive Vet Specialist.  We make sure with an examination and an X-ray just prior to delivery that everything looks good and it's safe to proceed with a normal whelping.  We have oxygen on hand, and pretty much everything you could expect to see in a delivery room at a hospital.  And we are prepared to deal with any emergencies that may arise.  Most problems can be AVOIDED by carefully selecting your breeding animals and caring for them properly prior to delivery.  But, in the rare instances that problems come up, we are ready.


Once the puppies are born, the mother is our main focus as she cares for the newborns.  We feed Mother's Pudding to avoid eclampsia and for maximum caloric intake when she's really not feeling like eating.  Keeping the puppies warm and clean and safe is critical the first two weeks of life along with a continued supply of her prenatal food formula.  After the puppies' eyes open and they can regulate their body temperatures, we sometime allow families in to visit the babies with special precautions taken.


Our puppies are raised in our home.  In the first few weeks the nursery is in an out-of-way location to minimize stress on the new mom.  In our upcoming litter, this will be Fiona's first litter we will be making sure she feels safe and comfortable!


More information coming soon!







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